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Turner Classic Movies
Lapel Pins

When Ted Turner acquired MGM's historic movie library with the goal of starting a network featuring classic movies, we were asked to develop the identity for the new Turner Classic Movies.

The TCM logotype we developed was brought to life with a series of 30 simple character icons that could change and evolve, utilizing a different icon each time it appeared on screen. As part of the initial launch, we turned several of these icons into enamel lapel pins packaged in custom tins.

Main Logo
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Make Ready

"As you can see from this new (but nowhere near as cool as TCM's) stationery, I have a new job. I moved over to TBS and am no longer responsible for Turner Classic Movies. I'll obviously miss TCM and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the vital role you played in helping us establish our identity."

-Bill Burke
President, Turner Broadcasting