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Artist Proof
Liquor Packaging

Artist Proof is an expansive liquor packaging program conceived by CSA Design to be a licensed retail distillery brand. The concept revolves around the name and a glass bottle custom-molded into the shape of a frame, complete with a woodgrain emboss. The clear flat front of the bottle is the perfect surface for colorful, fired-on permanent artwork. By employing the full CSA Image library, the brand will have an endless supply of artwork for limited editions. Artist Proof merges liquor with home decor and gifts.

The artwork used on each Artist Proof bottle runs the gamut between abstract or thematic, organized by holiday, party themes, or other occasions. Each bottle is not only a collectable, but also an ideal present or housewarming gift. The pleasing shape & wide mouth of the glass bottle also makes it sustainable and useful as a vase or decanter.

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